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  • Tripsim.sk

    Purchase and installation of eSim

    You scan the QR code that we will send you after sending the order and everything is ready for you.

  • You will fly to your destination

    You can focus on your trip and you don't have to google where and for how much to buy a SIM card.

  • You are online immediately

    You will never have to wait in the airport hall at the SIM card vendor after your arrival. While others are waiting, you are already in the taxi!


Why should I be online on vacation?

In today's digital age, we want to choose a restaurant through Tripadvisor, view the route through Google Maps, check our account balance through Revolut, and share exotic food on Instagram.


The eSim card eliminates the need to buy a plastic card in the packaging, thereby reducing the negative impact on the environment. In addition, for every eSIM card we sell, we plant a tree to reduce your CO2 footprint.


Local operators sell data packages at exorbitant prices. For example, the average price with operators for 1MB in Morocco is €10. This means that you would pay €30,000 to watch one movie.


Beauty in simplicity.