What is eSIM

eSIM, or embedded SIM, is an electronic identification module that is integrated directly in device. In contrast to traditional SIM cards, which must be physically replaced when changing operator or country, eSIM can be virtually reprogrammed and modified remotely, which simplifying the process of connecting to the network.

The benefits of eSIM are varied. For example, eSIM eliminates the need to carry a physical card, which simplifies and speeds up the activation and network connection process. Users can also easily change operator or choose an international roaming service without having to physically change the SIM card, which is very convenient for people who travel often and for companies that often change SIM cards in multiple devices.

The eSIM also provides more security as it cannot be physically stolen or lost. In addition, it can be used for various types of devices, including smartphones, tablets, watches and other internet-connected devices.

Future estimates show that eSIM will be an increasingly popular technology. Due to the fact that it is flexible and simplified method for connecting to the network, it will be used in various industries, including the automotive industry, smart cities and the health industry. In addition, eSIM will also be used in the new generation of 5G networks and IoT devices. It is estimated that by 2025 eSIM technology will be implemented in 3 billion devices.