Rodinná dovolenka v Európe: 3 podceňované destinácie, ktoré si zamilujete (a vaše deti tiež!)

Family holiday in Europe: 3 underestimated destinations that you will love (and your children too!)

Europe is full of surprises and these three countries are proof of that. Prepare to discover untouched nature, of historical cities and hospitality, that warms you up at your heart. With a practical ESIM card you will have the Internet and connect with your loved ones always at hand.

1. Albania: Hidden Jewel's of Medditarean

Albania, often overlooked Greek neighbor, It is a country full of contrasts. You will find beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, Impressive mountains, Ancient cities and delicious cuisine.

What does Albania offer for families with children:

  • Beaches: Safe beaches with gradual entry into the sea, Ideal for the little ones.We recommend, for example, Ksamil with turquoise water and white sand.
  • Water sports: Snorkeling options, diving, kayaking and paddleboarding.
  • Tourist routes: Walks through the beautiful nature of the LLOGARA national park or ascent to Mount Dajti overlooking Tirana.
  • Historical monuments: Visit Roman ruins in Butrint, entered on the UNESCO list, Or the ancient city of Gjirocastër with stone houses and impressive castle.
  • Traditional villages: Discover the magic of Albanian villages, such as Theth in the heart of the Albanian Alps, Where you can experience an authentic atmosphere and taste local specialties.

Interesting activities for families in Albania:

  • Boat cruise on Lake Skadar: The largest lake in the Balkans is home to many species of birds and fish.
  • Visit to Berat: Nicknamed the "city of thousands of windows", Berat is known for its unique architecture and historic center.
  • Tasting local specialties: Do not leave Albania without To taste traditional dishes such as melts (lamb baked with yogurt) or bull (salty cake with different cartridges).

Accommodation and food in Albania:

In Albania you will find a wide range of family accommodation, From affordable guest houses and apartments to more luxurious hotels. Local cuisine is tasty, Healthy and cost -effective.

Connection and data in Albania:

Esim to Albania can be found here in various date packages. The most popular data package is  Esim - Albania 6GB 15 days

2. Montenegro: Perla Balkan

Montenegro is a small country with a big heart. Offers a breathtaking nature, From high mountains to deep canyons and azure coast.

What does the black mountain offer for families with children:

  • National Parks: Durmitor, Biogradská Gora and Lovćen offer beautiful nature,tourist trails, Cycle routes and rafting on the Tara River.
  • Medieval cities: Kotor, Budva and ulcinj will enchant you with their narrow streets,historical monuments and walls.
  • Beaches: Montenegro has beautiful beaches with gradual entry into the sea, Ideal for children. We recommend, for example, Mogren Beach in Budva or Velika Plaža in Ulcinji.
  • Family pensions and restaurants: Many accommodation facilities and restaurants are adapted to the needs of families with children.

Montenegro Esim - KotorInteresting activities for families in Montenegro:

  • DURMITOR National Park Hike: Discover the beauty of Montenegro on foot or by bike.
  • Visit the historic city of Kotor: Go through the narrow streets, Visit the Cathedral of Sts. Tripuna and enjoy the view from the city walls.
  • Bathing on the beach of jaz: This long sandy beach is ideal for families with children.

Accommodation and food in Montenegro:

In Montenegro you will find various accommodation opportunities for families, From apartments and villas to hotels with all inclusive services. Local cuisine is influenced by Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine and offers many tasty meals for all tastes.

Connection and data in Montenegro:

Montenegro as one of the few operators has data packages of 500GB and 1TB. You can also find these data fears in our offer here - Esim Montenegro

3. North Cyprus: an island full of surprises

Northern Cyprus is a less known part of the island, But which deserves your attention. You will find beautiful beaches here, ancient castles and monasteries, And a pleasant atmosphere.

What does Northern Cyprus offer for families with children:

  • Beaches: Long sandy beaches ideal for building sand castles, For example, a Golden Beach beach or Escape beach.
  • Historical monuments: Castle Sv. Hilarion, Bellapais Abbey and Famagusta's City with Venetian walls are just some of many historical monuments, that you can visit.
  • Water parks and entertainment centers: There are several water parks and amusement centers for children.
  • Local cuisine: Taste local specialties such as Kleftiko (roasted lamb) or halloumi (cheese).

Interesting activities for families in North Cyprus:

  • Tour of the Castle of St. Hilarion: This impressive castle offers a beautiful view of the surroundings.
  • Relax on the Golden Beach beach: This long sandy beach is ideal for families with children.
  • Famagusta's visit: This historic city has a lot to offer, From the Venetian walls to Lala Mustafa Pasha.

Accommodation and food in North Cyprus:

In Northern Cyprus you will find a wide range of accommodation, From affordable apartments to luxury hotels. Local cuisine is a mixture of Turkish and Greek cuisine and offers many tasty dishes.

 Connection: Esim - Your travel partner : For the northern part of Cyprus works our Esim - Turkey But it is necessary to be careful as 4G infrastructure is not completed in the northern Cyprus and therefore you will only have 3G in most places.

Discover the magic of the Balkans with your family

Albania, Montenegro and North Cyprus are three European destinations, that deserve your attention. They offer everything What do you need for an unforgettable family holiday: beautiful nature, rich history, Tasty kitchen and many activities for all ages. And with a practical ESIM card, you will have the whole world at your fingertips.

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