Ako volať s Data-Only eSIM?

How to make calls with Data-Only eSIM?


Explanation of Data-Only eSIM

Data-Only eSIM is a digital version of a SIM card that only provides access to data services, without the ability to make calls or send SMS messages over a traditional mobile network. This technology is becoming increasingly popular, especially among travellers, as it makes it easier to connect to the internet abroad without having to change a physical SIM card or pay expensive roaming charges.

Reasons to call with Data-Only eSIM

Despite the limitations of traditional calls and messaging, calling with Data-Only offers eSIM advantages of convenience, cost-effectiveness and flexibility. It allows you to use web-based applications for voice calls and social networking, ensuring you can connect with family, friends or colleagues across borders without facing unpleasant financial surprises in the form of high roaming charges.

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Definition of eSIM

eSIM (embedded SIM) is an electronic version of a SIM card that is integrated directly into the device and allows a digital connection to a mobile operator. This technology is supported by most devices manufactured since 2018 and eliminates the need for a physical SIM card.

The difference between eSIM and a regular SIM card

A traditional SIM card is a physical chip that is inserted into a device and provides access to mobile services. In contrast, eSIM is integrated directly into the device and the connection to the mobile operator is made digitally. This makes it easier to change service providers or activate different data plans without having to physically replace the SIM card.

How Data-Only works eSIM

Data-Only eSIM works similarly to a regular eSIM, but with a limited range of services. It only provides access to data services, which means that you cannot make traditional calls or send SMS messages through it. Calling and communicating with Data-Only eSIM is done through internet applications and social networks that use data connections for voice and messaging.

Benefits of calling with Data-Only eSIM

Why choose Data-Only eSIM

Convenience: it allows you to easily switch between data plans and service providers without having to replace your physical SIM card.

Affordability: When travelling abroad, you can save on call and SMS charges as you make calls and messages through your data connection.

Flexibility. eSIM It's compatible with different devices and service providers.

When Data-Only eSIM Use

Data-Only eSIM is the ideal choice for:- Travel: when visiting other countries, you can use local data plans without having to change your SIM card or pay high roaming charges.- Business: if you need to be constantly available to your colleagues and clients, Data-Only eSIM allows you to communicate via web applications and social networks, ensuring a reliable and cost-effective connection.

Choice of applications for calling with Data-Only eSIM

Applications for voice calls

For calling with Data-Only eSIM you can use various applications that work on the basis of an internet connection. Some of the most popular include:

WhatsApp: A popular messaging app that also allows voice and video calls. It works on a data connection and is available for most mobile devices.

FaceTime: The company's Applethat lets you make voice and video calls between iOS and macOS devices.- Skype:

VoIP A service originally used on computers, but now available for mobile devices. It allows voice and video calls, as well as messaging and file sharing. Among the pioneers of this service is the company Zadarama.

Calling via social networks

In addition to dedicated voice calling applications, you can also use social networks to communicate via Data-Only eSIM. Commonly used options include:- Facebook Messenger.

Setting up a call with Data-Only eSIM

Activate eSIM

To use Data-Only eSIM, you must first activate it. Follow these steps:

1. Buy an eSIM plan from us and scan the QR code you received or manually enter the necessary information into your device.

2. After successful activation eSIM your phone will automatically connect to the mobile network.

Switching between Data-Only eSIM and a regular SIM card

If your phone supports dual SIM functionality, you can easily switch between Data-Only eSIM and regular SIM cards as needed. In your device's settings find the option for SIM card management and choose which one you want to use for data, calls and messaging.

Call cost management

To effectively manage call costs when using Data-Only eSIM we recommend:

1. Avoid using traditional calls and messaging via a regular SIM card abroad to avoid high roaming charges.

2. Use apps and social networks for voice calls and data communication.

3. Monitor your data usage and adjust your data plan if necessary.

Limitations and potential problems

Device compatibility with Data-Only eSIM

Not all devices are compatible with Data-Only eSIM. Most devices manufactured since 2018 support eSIM technology, but it's important to check the specifications of your specific device before purchasing a data plan. If your phone doesn't support eSIM, you'll need to consider other options, such as buying a local SIM card or using Wi-Fi.

Network coverage availability

Network coverage for Data-Only eSIM depends on the mobile service provider and network availability in the country. Before activation eSIM make sure that network coverage is sufficient in the locations where you plan to eSIM use. If network coverage is insufficient, you may experience problems with call quality and data connection speed.

Troubleshooting possible problems

In case of problems with Data-Only eSIM it is recommended to proceed as follows.

1. Check if your phone is compatible with eSIM and that you have correctly installed and activated eSIM plan.

2. Check that you have sufficient network coverage where you are.

3. If you're having trouble with your voice calling apps, try updating, reinstalling or using a different app.

4. If problems persist, contact our customer support.

Conclusion: Maximum profit from Data-Only eSIM

Evaluating the benefits and limitations of calling with Data-Only eSIM

Calling with Data-Only eSIM brings benefits such as convenience, affordability and flexibility, especially when travelling abroad. However, there are also limitations, such as device compatibility and network coverage availability. It is important to consider these factors when choosing and using Data-Only eSIM.

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